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Hobbies Offer Us Joy

We need to have joy, fun, and rest in our lives in order to be our most creative. Hobbies offer us all of those things.

This week’s Own Your Content interview features Jen Hewett, a printmaker, surface designer, textile artist, teacher, and author. When you have more than one creative craft and different avenues for your freelance business, how do you decide where to put it all? Jen generously shares her experiences on how she weaves her various skills together.

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Annie Wong, a.k.a. Headexplodie, talks about how crafts surreal worlds that help her process the real world. She was also our #CMcourage illustrator!

Alexander Taylor talks about a recycling project and shares his thoughts on how designers create sustainable solutions.


Two types of creativity that peak at different ages.

Discover your creative personality: Creative Types.

Burning metal to create a vivid spectrum of tones.

A beginner’s investing masterclass in 10 short videos.

Welcome to noodle school: the secrets of Lanzhou lamian.

Why do humans love spicy foods?

How to create data-driven visual essays.

The history of human emotions.

Delightful augmented realities by Vernon James Manlapaz.

A starting guide to having better conversations.

How to tell if shame is productive or toxic.

Dogs are intuitive and know how you feel.


Courtney Kim Studio creates bespoke branding and packaging. They’re based in Melbourne and are proud of designing assets that allow scalability. See their vibrant work!
Soulsight is a Madrid-based strategic consultancy. They’re here to guide you through your toughest business decisions. Learn more about them 》


WeWork is hiring a Senior Manager for Business Operations in Shanghai.

SYPartners is hiring a Senior Designer in New York.

Asana is hiring a Channel Manager in Dublin.

Get is hiring a Strategic Partnerships Manager in Hong Kong.

Westfall Gold is hiring a Senior Art Director in Atlanta.

TeamPeople is hiring a Digital Strategist in San Francisco.

Savvy Global is looking for an Architect in Singapore.

Aquent is looking for a contract-based Director of Communications in Houston.

BookNet Canada is looking for a contract-based Software Developer in Toronto.

Artisan Talent is looking for a freelance Assistant Videographer in Addison, IL.

Vitamin T is looking for a Social Analyst in Austin.

Looking for an accountant? We have 118 individuals who have it as a skill.

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This newsletter was made in honor of colorful children’s storybooks. I hope it opens up new worlds to you and teaches you something you’ll remember during random moments.

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