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How to Build a Newsletter List

Email is still unquestionably reliable, you can take your list with you, and it is decentralized and untainted by algorithms and companies with hidden agendas. An important piece to owning your content is also having a direct connection to people who want to hear from you.

In this week’s Own Your Content toolkit, we share wisdom and resources on how to build a newsletter that pushes you to commit to the long-haul.

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The difference between amateurs and professionals.

Use time tracking to prevent team burnout.

A virtual choir made up of singers from around the world.

Poems made out of Hong Kong’s street signs.

What’s on the other side of breakthrough?

CopyrightX: Twelve free lectures on copyright law from a Harvard professor.

A bookstore made up of optical illusions.

Stories on entry-level jobs at Fortune 500 companies.

The best 50 book cover designs.

How to not suck at budgeting: the definitive guide.

Lisa, Peter, Marshall: Is your name in a song?

The anti-CEO playbook by Chobani’s founder.

A neuroscientist talks about the science of beauty.

How to design a curiosity-driven career.

Classical music played on a miniature paper piano.

Business lessons from other people’s jobs.


Aeolidia is a “one stop shop” design agency that develops story-centered ecommerce websites.
Nava PBC uses human-centered design practices to improve how government serves everyone.


Unreasonable Group is hiring a Marketing & Communications Manager (Boulder, London, NYC, or remote). is hiring a Mobile Product Designer to work remotely.

Mara Hoffman is hiring a Visual Graphic Designer in New York.

Bluebeam is hiring a Product Manager in Dallas.

Zocdoc is hiring an Integration Support Associate in Phoenix.

Source Associates is hiring a Graphic Designer in Zürich.

SYPartners is hiring a Senior Talent Manager in San Francisco.

Asana is hiring a Head of People in Dublin.

WeWork is hiring an iOS Developer in Salt Lake City.

JDI is hiring a Visual Designer in Austin.

Micro is hiring a part-time Graphic Designer to work remotely.

Aquent is looking for a contract-based Brand Strategist in London.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based Copywriter to work remotely.

Editor’s note:

This newsletter was made in the spirit of the sloth. I clung onto content that kept me awake and took my sweet time.

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