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Manifest Your Best Work

The way we curate our projects online can illuminate what we’re genuinely passionate about and desire to stand for. Like a resume, you don’t have to put everything out there. You can highlight projects that light you up while also manifesting the kind of work you’d like to do in the future.

In this week’s Own Your Content toolkit, we share practical insights and encouragement on how to showcase your projects.

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There are rare times when you reach a decision straight from the heart, without analyzing things, and these are the times when you begin to live your truth.

— Erik Holmberg


Making a big life change? Write a letter to yourself.

Use design superpowers to help the planet.

The ideal amount of time for all tasks: 20 minutes.

Why generalists triumph in a specialized world.

IKEA is recreating famous TV living rooms.

On making memorable presentations using persuasion.

Internships are changing the art world.

Tips for establishing a daily writing practice.

A book about finding your singing tribe.

Ways to gain your confidence back.

CreativeMornings is a global community built on connection.

Colorful postage stamps honoring an abstract artist.

Is the internet becoming a dark forest?

Do I want to be exactly like the people who work here?

How to help a grieving friend.



ALFA is an independent letter studio offering premium letter direction and brand design. See their beautiful lettering in detail…

Bacon Animation + Design creates remarkable animation and motion design. 🥓Watch their sizzle reel »


Mailchimp is hiring a Partnerships Product Manager in New York.

WeWork is hiring a Machine Learning Engineer in Shanghai.

Sigao Studios is hiring a Technical Sales Person in Birmingham.

Purpose is hiring a Senior Visual Designer in Sydney.

WillowTree is hiring a Principal Product Designer in Charlottesville.

Netflix is hiring a Campaign Operations Lead in Tokyo, a Creative Production Lead in Seoul, and a Customer Experience Manager in Makati.

VSCO is hiring an iOS Software Engineer in Oakland.

Nava PBC is hiring a Senior Content Strategist to work remotely.

Pangaea is hiring a Photography Lead in Los Angeles.

Access Ventures is hiring a part-time Community Manager in Louisville.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based eCommerce Analyst in Toronto.

Aquent is looking for a contract-based Marketing Manager in London.

Creative Circle is looking for Social Media Specialists in Nashville, Austin, and Dallas. They’re also looking for a freelance Art Director in New Albany.

The Infatuation & Zagat are hiring 10+ freelance City Guide Writers.

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