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Your Art, Your Privacy

Art is more responsive to the issues that we see in society. It is an early warning system for some of the challenges we will see.

How can we feel more autonomous and empowered over our data? In this talk, business leader and privacy lawyer Trevor Hughes explores how art can help convey the complexity of privacy on deeply human terms and the social tensions at the edges of technological innovation.

(Video by CreativeMornings/Portsmouth. Photo by Kate & Keith.)


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📸Jerusa Nyakundi is a photographer who aims to push the culture forward. See her gorgeous work on tones, textures, and timing!


🍯Gangplank builds brands through a collaborative and unconventional approach. Check out their packaging for a beekeeping initiative.


Markforged is hiring a Visual Designer in Watertown, MA.

Shopify is hiring an Affiliate Manager to work remotely.

Arts For Life is hiring a Business & Operations Manager in Asheville, NC.

National Children’s Museum is hiring a Marketing Manager in Washington D.C.

Netflix is hiring a Production Safety Manager in Seoul.

Milanote is hiring a freelance Web Developer to work remotely.

Sago Mini is hiring a contract-based Senior Illustrator in Toronto.

Aeolidia is hiring a contract-based Ecommerce Web Designer to work remotely.

Barner is hiring a part-time Business Developer in Barcelona.

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