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Step Into Your Destiny

Your journey is not just for you. Someone right now is waiting on you to be all that you can be so that they can be all that they are destined to be.

An ending is just a beginning. Hannah Drake, a blogger, activist, author, and poet, shares a powerful talk on how endings are really just a beginning to a new chapter in your creative journey. She reminds us that endings are an invitation to step into each of our unique destinies.

(Video by CreativeMornings/Louisville. Photo by Tim Harris.)


Dogs in groovy wigs. Cats in felt hats.

A helpful guide to working from home.

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An exclusive look inside the one-year-old Google design lab.

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A thread on the desert libraries of Timbuktu.

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Briefbox is a library of practice briefs and resources for designers.



Chef Linda Sarris is a private chef and food + wine travel consultant. Take your next trip to Palermo, Italy and book her chef-led tours.


Unreal Collective is a community of creators. Their accelerator helps freelances take action. Watch their introductory content workshop!


Webflow is hiring a Director of Design to work remotely from the U.S.

The On Being Project is hiring a Managing Editor in Minneapolis, MN.

WeTransfer is hiring a Copywriter in Amsterdam.

TeamPeople is hiring a Creative and Experience Manager in San Francisco.

Netflix is hiring a Legal Manager in Singapore.

Lifeblue is hiring an Interactive Art Director in Plano, TX.

Ally is hiring an Invest Data Product Owner in Charlotte, NC.

ESI Design is hiring a Senior Environmental Graphic Designer in New York.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based Digital Data Specialist to work remotely.

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