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Your Internal Narrator

I just want to give myself the freedom to create, be scared, and do it anyway (gently).

In this talk, Sunni Brown shares a powerful technique for making peace with your internal narrator so you can avoid being paralyzed by it. She shows us how to meet and befriend different parts of ourselves that arise when we attempt to create so that we can finally make an authentic contribution despite our negative self-talk.

(Video by CreativeMornings/Denver. Photo by Jim Darling.)


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COMPANY 1-14 SDCO Partners creates engaging and relevant identities for businesses worldwide. They’re a multi-disciplinary studio of designers, developers and thinkers. See their beautiful work.

COMPANY 2-11 Yondr Studio is the illustration and design studio of Nathan Yoder. Based in Edmonds, Nathan helps clients realize their vision through hand drawn design, illustration, and lettering.


Noun Project is hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer in Los Angeles.

Webflow is hiring a Director of People to work remotely in the U.S.

CreativeHunt is hiring a Managing Editor in Shanghai.

Valet Living is hiring a Graphic & Production Artist in Tampa.

Communo is hiring a Sponsorship and Partnership Manager in Calgary.

Tremendousness is hiring a Creative Project Manager in St. Louis.

Lat Long is hiring a contract-based User Interface Developer to work remotely.

RocketBrand is hiring a freelance Hair & Makeup Artist in Dallas.

Danielle LaPorte is hiring a part-time Junior Graphic Designer to work remotely.

Tattly is hiring a part-time Photographer in New York.

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