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Go Full-Force

If you have a positive mindset, you have a passion, and you go full-force, something good is going to come out of it.

Juan Zapata & Migna Pacheco are the visionaries behind MUSE by Pablo—a clothing and accessories brand that elevates the art of unorthodox fashion. In this talk, they share how they built a brand around their self expression, found their audience, and continue to push themselves to grow beyond boundaries.

(Video by CreativeMornings/St. Pete. Photo by Stephen Zane.)


How to stay happy in the face of setbacks.

Data for Breakfast is a blog by Automattic’s data team.

Photos of people around the world in their natural environments.

This artist produced his first solo album on his iPhone.

What we can learn from advice we’d give our younger self.

Analogue makes modern products as tributes to portable gaming.

An animation about the fascinating mystery of locusts.

Why you should build a minimum lovable product.

Face Plastic sells quirky sculptures made with plastic trash.

On reading more books in the golden age of content.

Open Doodles is a free set of illustrations for personal or commercial use.

How to monetize a business ecosystem.


COMPANY 1 (1) Duo Design Partners is an experienced and nimble group of brand designers and consultants. Check them out!

COMPANY 2 (1) Taylor Rabow is a photographer who specializes in product, portraiture, architecture, and events.


Big Cartel is hiring a Design Director to work remotely.

Uber is hiring a Head of Product Design in Amsterdam.

Social Kapture is hiring a Creative Social Media Content Writer in El Segundo.

Buildkite is hiring a Senior Product Designer to work remotely.

Tuft & Needle is hiring a Packaging Production Designer in Phoenix.

Cast Iron Group is hiring a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator in Durham.

Business House is hiring a Web Developer in Elizabethtown.

Essense of Australia is hiring a Web and Graphic Designer in Lenexa.

ACLU is hiring a Graphic Design Associate in New York.

Visual Soldiers is hiring a Design Intern in Atlanta.

Editor’s note:

This newsletter was made like a stand-up comedian’s set. I put together bits of content, inserted some punchlines, and hope the material sticks.

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