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Build Slowly

Build something meaningful rather than build something fast. The length of time it takes for you to succeed is generally a good measure of how long you will be able to sustain — and enjoy — it.

When it comes to making time count, Debbie Millman is no stranger. A champion and advocate of the long-run, Debbie is a prolific writer, designer, educator, artist, brand consultant, and the host of the podcast Design Matters. In this Time Well Spent interview, Debbie urges us to get honest about what’s truly important and worth our time. She shares the remarkable insights she’s gained and questions she’s asked over the course of her career and life.

(Presented by Harvest + CreativeMornings. Illustration by Kristina Filler.)


The art of crafting Portuguese tiles.

A helpful pre-website launch checklist.

How to survive a 9-to-5 world as a night owl.

The master list of 2020 design conferences.

A site mapping out Prince’s early years.

Tatsuya Tanaka’s miniature worlds.*

Useless is a zero-waste guide to help you ditch disposables.

The typeface Shake gives all its proceeds to Parkinson’s Disease research.*

An investigation report about the music industry.

The most common surnames in every country.

Cross-Cultural Design is a book on designing for diverse cultures.

A concise SEO checklist for bloggers.*

*(Thank you to former Melbourne speaker Kai Brach and reader Leonie Wise for some fun links this week!)


Square Square builds simple tools to help people participate and thrive in the economy. They’re hiring for multiple positions in New York, Denver, Toronto, and San Francisco.

Modipow Modipow creates stellar furniture and product design explorations. Take a look at their other worldly visions for even the most ordinary objects.


WeTransfer is hiring an Art Director in Amsterdam.

Nava PBC is hiring a Director of Design to work remotely.

Magic+Might is hiring a Senior Interactive Designer in Chicago.

Netflix is hiring a Dubbing Operations Specialist in Mexico City.

Unreasonable Group is hiring a Global Programs Coordinator in Boulder.

The Child Neurology Foundation is hiring a Communications Manager in Vancouver.

JSTOR is hiring a Senior Brand Designer in New York.

Herman Miller is hiring a Showroom Lead in Dallas.

Editor’s note:

This newsletter is like a hot bowl of Pho. I heated up a hearty stock of links , topped it with some spicy garnish, and then slurped it all up.

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