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Move Forward

There is no right time, and you have to work with the imperfect chaos around you.

Even with inevitable setbacks, how can we learn to harness our daily routines and rhythms to move forward amidst chaos? Madeleine Dore is the creator of Extraordinary Routines. She’s also a writer, founder of the Side Project Sessions, and host of the podcast Routines & Ruts. In this interview, Madeleine nudges us to embrace experiments, allow ourselves to flounder, and to create space for our passion projects to emerge.

🕰️Time Well Spent interviews four creative leaders to find out what works for them, and how we can reshape our own relationship to time.

(Presented by Harvest + CreativeMornings. Illustration by Kristina Filler.)


7 leadership lessons from 50 leaders.

How to overcome burnout and stay motivated.

A stop motion animation breaking apart our gadgets.*

The stories and thoughts of people of color in tech.

How Spotify’s Design team uses image localization.

Bite-size writing lessons that help you make a point.*

Do authors write where they know?

Town Squares highlights cities through postage stamps.

Photographers on Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and memory loss.*

How to change your clients’ briefing habits.

Unlonely Planet is a manual for finding the community you crave.*

What does time well spent mean to you? Resources to help you reflect.

(Shoutout to Tina Roth Eisenberg, Isabelle Mitchell, Jon Feinsten, and Jillian Robertson for some fun links.)


849623b3-45f8-42a5-931b-b54b5af11728-Logos_Homepage Lexi Stout Creative works with small business owners to create custom graphic design, art direction, and more. Check out Lexi’s work!

Sehsucht is a hybrid production studio, merging the arts of filmmaking, animation and visual effects to produce captivating creative content. Watch this.


Mailchimp is hiring a Program Manager in Atlanta.

NJI Media is hiring a Senior Graphic Designer in London.

Skillshare is hiring a Director of Acquisition Marketing to work remotely.

Understood is hiring a Disability Inclusion Coordinator in Charlotte.

Pop-Up Magazine is hiring a contract-based Outreach Coordinator in Washington D.C.

Rebel & Reason is hiring a part-time Sales Development Representative to work remotely.

Squarespace is hiring a Summer Content Marketing Intern in New York.

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