It was May 14th, 1940, when Rotterdam was bombed by German forces during World War II. Most of the city center was destroyed and over 80.000 people became homeless. This tragic event was not only a dramatic story, it was also a turning point in the history of Rotterdam: the chance to rebuild the city provided the opportunity to develop the ruined area into the vibrant and wonderful city it is today.

Today, Rotterdam has grown to be one of the most modern and popular cities of The Netherlands: the Rotterdam harbor is the biggest port in Europe and it is at the core of the blue collar mentality Rotterdam’s locals are known for. One cannot think of Rotterdam without thinking of architecture. The combination of old and new buildings brings an interesting and inspiring vibe to the streets that attracts many creative people. Being home to the Erasmus University, large companies like Unilever, and 176 different nationalities, Rotterdam is a very diverse and vibrant city. It’s a city where people like to experiment, design and create.

Today, it has been 75 years since the bombing took place. The city is still continuously being rebuilt and (re-)developed. We are enthusiastic to chip in by contributing to Rotterdam’s future through organizing CreativeMornings gatherings.


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