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Quickfire Queries :: Emily Belden

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.

What is your favorite virtue?

Offering to reach things that are high on the shelves at grocery stores for short people, A.K.A. random acts of humanity.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Binge watching Teen Mom OG.

What does fantasy mean to you?  

NSFW. Just kidding. But you’ll have to attend Friday’s talk to find out.

Favorite cliche corporate stock photo? (Pensive around the conference table is a personal fave) 

Blurred-out people walking in the winter time, lens focused just on a bright red shopping bag.

What phrase do you find yourself repeating all too often?  

“Can I sub the soda for a milkshake?”

What’s your favorite song?  

50 Cent - In Da Club

What keeps you grounded?

When a roll of dog poop bags falls out of my pocket at a cocktail party.

Who or what inspires you?   

A blank word doc and a giant glass of red wine.

What’s your favorite fantasy/fiction movie series?

Stranger Things.

What is your biggest pet peeve?   

People who move at a glacial pace in their job role…i.e., post office, deli counter, etc.

Who is your favorite author?  

Gillian Flynn, specifically for her book Gone Girl

Favorite place in San Diego?  

Taco Surf PB - best Cali Burrito hands down.

For more information about Emily and her work, check out her website. We’re excited to have Emily share with us on November 18th at the San Diego Central Library. More event info here.

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,” said Dr. Seuss. “It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

The realm of fantasy is a space for us to imagine possibilities that seem beyond our reach. The bridge that connects the seemingly impossible with the possible is the greatest gift of our species: creativity. Together with Shutterstock , we’re exploring those possibilities by rallying the community to share fantasies and ideas for what it means to live #InACreativeWorld

Join us this month on November 18th to hear from author Emily Belden on this global theme! 

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.

What is your favorite virtue? Service

Favorite guilty pleasure? Chocolate

What does transparency mean to you? Transparency is sharing context for decisions that are made

Favorite cliche corporate stock photo? (Pensive around the conference table is a personal fave) Oh, it’s the aerial shot of the team all looking up

What phrase do you find yourself repeating all too often? Always wanting to find out why things work…the question of WHY.  OR…Sorry I’m late

What’s your favorite song? Together is Better by Aloe Blacc

What keeps you grounded? My team, my sister, and those close to me

Who or what inspires you? Those who devote their lives to a life of service  

Is there such a thing as too much Why? Is that a trick question?

What is your biggest pet peeve? People who take up two parking spaces.

How does the value of the Why vary from generation to generation? No

Who is your favorite author? Tom Clancy

Favorite city (probably San Diego)? New York!  DUH!

Huge thanks to Simon for playing along with us on this. His new book, Together Is Better, is available now and he will be signing copies on Friday after his talk. We’re excited to hang out with everyone on Friday and can’t wait to share this month’s theme of ‘Transparency’ with you!

We’re excited about the opportunities our city has in furthering the progress of making San Diego a creative city. Adobe MAX 2016 is coming to San Diego, and we’ve been gifted a free pass to give away to one of you!

Adobe MAX 2016 is a creative conference hosted by Adobe in which they bring together inspiring speakers, talk product releases, and put together an awesome lineup of musicians and mixers to keep the party going.

You won’t want to miss this, and we want to get you in for free! We’re hosting a PhotoshopBattle contest and will select the winner. This contest will require the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Objective: Create an image that is related to this month’s theme of ‘Transparency.’ The final image MUST include the application of this photo of Nate and his likeness in a funny way. Deadline for submission is midnight on October 21, 2016.

Contest Rules:

1. Applicant must be a registered user & member of our CreativeMornings San Diego community.
2. Application must be submitted via Instagram post with the following hashtags: #cmsandiego #cmtransparent #adobemax #maxsd2016
3. Application must be submitted via Instagram post with the following user tags in the original caption: @creativemornings_sd @adobe
4. Image must include a tie to October’s theme of 'Transparency’
5. Image must include this photo of Nate and his likeness
6. Image must be appropriate for all ages. Any inappropriate submissions will be reported and ineligible for contest
7. Deadline for submission is midnight October 21, 2014.

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.

This month we’re talking MAGIC with scott b. davis (@scott_b_davis) scott is a fine artist and entrepreneur from San Diego. His work has been featured in the @nytimes,@newyorkermag, and @latimes. scott has been intimately involved in San Diego’s arts & culture scene for over a decade.

What is your favorite virtue?

Gratitude. The wisest people I know are also the most grateful, and I believe gratitude is central to shaping good character.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Driving. I love being behind the wheel and traveling long distances. It kills me to know I’m contributing to the world as a more polluted place.

Best meal you’ve ever eaten on your travels?

A root vegetable dish in Jodhpur, India. It was a Rajasthani special that’s impossible to find outside of India.

What’s your favorite book?

I’d put Blue Desert by Charles Bowden high on that list.

What do you find magical?

The spirit you see in people’s eyes. Not just a soul, I’m talking that ineffable quality that pierces you in about 1 out of every 1000 people you meet. I’ve felt it with people whose language I don’t speak, so I believe there’s something to it.

Who or what inspires you?

People who pursue something they believe in regardless of the financial outcome, notoriety, or logic. Werner Herzog is a good example of this (albeit a famous one). Charlie Russell is a not-so-famous example (though has put him into the limelight since his passing in 2011).

Biggest pet peeve?

Ear splitting mufflers on cars and motorcycles.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Go west, young man.

Most memorable uncomfortable experience?

Insulting republicans who I didn’t know were republican.

People of CMSD : #010

We love our community and we love highlighting individuals doing awesome things! Every CMSD event, we find unique individuals and bombard them with questions. You might be next! 

Alan Nakkash
San Diego based photographer, CreativeMornings Lifer

“What are you looking forward to this weekend?”

“Getting away from the computer for a little bit. I stare at the computer all day, and that’s just me going through photos, then you gotta work the website, do a little blogging, etc. So it’s nice to join the real world.”

Follow Alan on Instagram at @micspecial

Quick Fire Questions w/ Beck Bamberger

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.

What is your favorite virtue?
One of my favorites recently is: life by design, not by default. 

Favorite guilty pleasure?
A massive cheese plate. I could eat cheese and bread for dinner every day (I don’t).

Best meal you’ve ever eaten on your travels?
Sushi at about 7am in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction in this six seat little shack right in the center of the whole scene. 

What’s your favorite book?
Man, I read 3 or 4 books a month - there are so many I haven’t even touched yet. The answer depends on my mood. Right now, I’m going with Find A Way by Diana Nyad, the 60-something year old who made four attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida. She made it on the 4th try, which was the first time anyone did it without a cage, and she survived sharks, lethal jellyfish, no sleep for 3 days, and a whole array of ridiculous barriers. The feat itself is impressive, but the fact that she’s about to get Social Security is uncanny.

What does being weird mean to you?
“Weird” no longer has a negative connotation and seems to now be considered a desirable label. Weird means something is an outlier, against the grain, and in most cases, doesn’t give a f*ck about being on the fringes. The most talented people on the planet, from Olympic medalists to self-made billionaires, are all weirdos.

Who or what inspires you?
When I get to witness someone being the very best at something and loving it whether anyone is watching or not, damn, that’s inspiring. I recently saw Flyin Bach, the global breakdancer group. You can’t fathom how those guys move, and they’d be perfecting those moves whether on the street or on a huge stage.

Biggest pet peeve?
Uptalk. I want to slap people.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Nothing is personal,” from The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. We take things personally when we are being self-important.

Most memorable uncomfortable experience?
Each experience has its own particular moments which are probably burned into my brain for life. I’ll go with the Zen Buddhist retreat, which was over the course of four days. No eye contact, no speaking. That was unusual and oddly freeing.

Beck’s Bio: When you meet Beck, she’ll tell you she’s obsessed with experience.  She says it’s the only thing we leave the planet with, and this collection of experiences shapes our entire lives. You can buy stuff, you can collect things, but what tells your story and fills your life is a collective of experiences. The companies she’s interested in and has created are all based around having a particular kind of experience. BAM Communications, her PR Firm, makes you feel famous. Bite, San Diego’s top rated and largest food tour company in the county, helps you experience food bliss. Get ready to get weird, as we learn from one of San Diego’s most creative entrepreneurs.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still room! Head over to our registration page to join us this Friday to hear Beck talk about ‘Weird’. 

Whether it’s butter in coffee, bacon on donuts, fashion in the 80’s making a return, or the culture of an organization, weirdness reveals that there are no rules or right answers. Weirdness widens the edges of the status quo, and if we allow it, it adds beauty to our lives because it introduces us to a multitude of complexities that we may be ignoring.


This month we’re excited to hear from Beck Bamberger! Beck is a creative entrepreneur and founder of BAM Communications, a tech & startup PR firm located in San Diego. Join us this Friday, August 19th at the SD Public Library in East Village at 8:30AM. See our events page for more details & registration. 

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.


Our team had the opportunity to sit down with our July speaker, Scott Lewis, recently to discuss the importance of our creative community and the endless opportunities in San Diego. Scott is the CEO + Editor in Chief at Voice of San Diego

What is your favorite virtue? (Throwback to Proust): Resourcefulness

Favorite vice/guilty pleasure? : I shouldn’t say.

What’s your favorite song? : Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Radiohead

What’s your least favorite song? : Everything by The Offspring.

Who or what inspires you? : Stories of entrepreneurship and podcasts like Radiolab.

What phrase do you find yourself repeating too often? : This stumped me. A colleague suggested I use the word “bananas” too often but I believe I should use it more.

Biggest pet peeve? : Unfounded nostalgia – the idea that everything used to be better during some undefined period. Journalism used to be better, I Make America Great Again, etc.

Favorite writer? : Jonathan Franzen

What does love mean to you? : It’s when you ache for something or someone without having decided to.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? : Two: 1) “nobody will ever validate you” and 2) “admit as soon as you can that you made a bad decision and work to fix it.”

If you could be any superhero, who would you be? (Comic Con shout-out) : I’d want my whole family to be the Incredibles.

Huge thanks to Scott for sitting down with us and being brutally honestly about his music choices! This month we’re talking about ‘Love’! Make sure to mark your calendars for July 29th at the Central Library in East Village. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter for more event updates. 

contributor : Kelly Weaver
photos by: Mike Spear

Last month was all about risk — and the circumstances and perspectives that exist in order for us to take one. This month, we’re delving deeper into those circumstances and defining our realities. Reality, on the surface, feels so tangible; so concrete. But (to, perhaps cheaply, use a turn of phrase), in reality, it isn’t quite so simple. Our existence is made of several truths, always shifting under our feet.

We’ll have more event details as we get closer to our event! Stay tuned.