Partner with Vancouver


Got your attention, hey? Seriously though, we’re trying to avoid the term “sponsorship” as it relates to how we finance these greed-free events, preferring instead the term “support partnership”.

Since every CreativeMornings event is free of charge, we rely on local support partners to help cover costs such as venue and equipment rentals, coffee and breakfast, and other expenses incurred each month.

But we view these are partnership opportunities, where local, like-minded organizations partner with us to help bring the creative community together, and reap the benefits that creates.

Beyond that, local supporters are featured online, on stage, and via social media, and we have many letters of praise and thanks from past partners for the opportunity to each the local creative community and be able to help produce inspiring events like this in our city.

If you’re interested in being part of the CreativeMornings/Vancouver team, please contact us at

Thanks for your support partner!