I love helping people and groups move from not knowing to knowing to accepting to believing! I have been leading others into productive groups, to grow in their careers and their lives for more than 20 years. Visit my LinkedIn profile or web site to get the whole story!

Leadership. Leading. Boredom. Defining and achieving results. Creativity. Problem Solving. Fun. Community building. Growth. Grit. Mental Toughness. Art.

Expert level experience with using LinkedIn to develop leads to new clients outside of my immediate area.

Get up one more time than you fall...I don't think of beauty when I am working but if my solution is not beautiful, I know I am not done working.

A. Maslow for helping us all see that there is a path for us to become our very best self in this lifetime!!!

Getting people to do things and smile while they are doing it!


Help others first.

Helping others is the shortest and most essential path to any idea of success one may have.

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