Based in Oslo, Industrial Designer, photographer, social activist and TEDx-volunteer.

My responsibilities at Interwell Technology as Mechanical Design Engineer cover a complete design process, from idea to final product. As a project coordinator and product developer I am working with engineering investigation and research, calculations, FEM analysis, drafting, following assembling, testing and writing documentation.

My social involvement and all my current projects on a private base are focused on ‘’Social activism and engagement’’, ‘’Humanism’’, ‘’ Time aspect in today’s society’’ , ‘’ Creative Thinking’’ and many more. Recently became a resident at DIGS / Entrepreneurship hub in Trondheim, from where I'm working on my projects. I am an event designer and photographer for TEDxTrondheim, where my responsibilities are about documentary and creation of visual designs, scenography, videos, art installations, which helps to emphasise tema for the event and engage the audience and other volunteers in creative process and bring the event on a totally new level.

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