Anne Marie is a multi-creative talent, living in Detroit, MI. By day, she works as a project consultant for a large non-profit. Outside of her corporate gig, she has done everything from running her own pop-up improv organization, co-hosting a podcast, running social media for a literary magazine, and volunteering for a local film festival. Currently, you can find her either performing with her improv troupe, working on her poetry collection, or hanging out with her BBQ club. (Yes, that's a thing, and yes, everyone should have one!)

Making things run smoothly. Throughout my career and in my hobbies, I've been able to create a good balance between attention to detail and looking at the big picture.

Design. It's something that interests me greatly, but I have no formal teaching in it. It's definitely an area where I could grow my skills.

Go. You never know who you will meet.

I'm a super extroverted person and for some reason, I seem to have this special talent for making introverts feel really comfortable around me. That, or I just overwhelm them to the point where it's easier to just become my friend than resist.

Awards show host? It could happen.

Super nerdy English major things, like the opening paragraph of Out of Africa and A Tale of Two Cities. I could probably also story tell almost all of Pride and Prejudice from memory.

How to write a haiku

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