I am an idea girl. I get a rush from receiving new ideas and playing with them in my mind, developing them and sometimes I even act on them in the physical world! I'm an inventor, entrepreneur, creative, and craftsman. I am a wellness coach and advocate, because I believe peace comes to a community whose members are physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially well. I'm passionate about helping people find a greater level of peace through greater wellness in these areas. I am a mother and a wife, I raise some of my own food, and I love the Gilmore Girls. Do you want to know anything else? Just ask, I'm probably happy to tell you!

A lot of things...chickens. I know more than you want to know about chickens. I also know how to listen. I know a lot about melting glass. I know there is a lot I don't know. I know that what I do know is fun to share with others. I know being part of a community is super valuable.

bookkeeping, organizing, time blocking, protecting intellectual property...do you know about patents? I have a question or two for you.

From my dad, when I got married, "There are more important things than being right."

I read mico-expressions and often know what people are thinking...not a mind reader, but you know, when people say one thing...but think another...I can often know that.

I never need a backup because I'm always moving forward!

A poem my dad taught me as a kid: I'd rather be a could be if I couldn't be an are, 'cause a could be is a maybe with a chance of touching par. I'd rather be a has been than a might have been by far, because a might have been will never be, but a has been once was are!

How to spend time alone with yourself and how powerful that is!

Visiting them in their homes, experiencing their villiage lives and trying to find a path out of rural poverty. These experiences, like, made every countr more memorable to me and perhaps more importantly, they made every country feel familiar like they were no longer a foreign country to me they became a place I new a bit beyond the surface. And all of those memories have stayed with me today in so much that it changed how I travel today and how I see the world.

Karina Quintans