Adapting and growth. I love the challenge of meeting an obstacle head-on and working the problem until it becomes something new and awesome. I'm the consummate lifelong learner. (My field was Higher Education Admissions and Event Planning.)

I just moved to the area in November and I'm excited to connect and build community. Any help with that would be much appreciated!

When you slow down and become present you allow space for wonder and creativity to manifest.

The older gentleman who dances on roller skates at all the Boulder, CO concerts. He's not afraid to be the first person on the dance floor. He embraces his uniqueness and leads with joy and authenticity. He's fully present, vulnerable, courageous, and out there to connect. At least that's how I see him. ;)


Pinterest party planner and toddler/rabbit herder.

Quotes from Friends

How to travel the world.

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