Hi! I'm Ashley Kruse! I'm a Nebraska native and a Women's Confidence and Career Coach. As founder of Embracing the Uncertain, my company is dedicated to holding positive and transformative space for women who are tired of trying to do it alone and who desire a support system through their personal and professional lives. I offer one on one and group coaching, workshops, and retreats. In my free time, you can find me teaching beat-based cycling at Lotus House of Yoga, adventuring in my tiny house on wheels, or enjoying time with my husband and son.

using self-development tools to increase confidence and working through fear.

increasing my presence locally and online.

focus on your mindset and believe that anything is possible even when you don't see the "how" and hire support to help you through the crazy world of being an entrepreneuer.

I admire most female entrepreneurs who have built brands by being their unapologetic selves. I love the women who are showing up in business by challenging the masculine norms because it shows that there are multiple ways to success!

Multi-tasking and momming...at the same time of course. ;)

What's a backup career? ;)

To start my day with coffee and gratitude!


The one where Drake stands up clapping in excitement. Its one I use often.

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