I'm most excited about people (their potential) and places (their cultures, economies, and environments.) Currently, I look at this through the lens of travel. I oversee partnerships & experiences for a travel company in Bhutan and also design custom experiences for niche markets. I have worked as a producer and design facilitator, connector, city guide, writer, and storyteller, among other things. I am passionate about being outside, offline, and in a state of exploration.

Why it's so important to make conscious consumer choices.

Small talk. How to do it. How to gracefully enter into and exit out of conversations at events. I love engrossing conversations but I'm an awkward small-talker, I'll admit.

Everybody is going to struggle in their careers. Might as well struggle doing what you love.

My father, who passed on to the next realm in 2016. Because 200+ people attended his funeral, each with a story about how my dad made them feel good about themselves. I think that's an incredible legacy.

Negotiating conflict

I have many ideas but all I can say for sure is that I would need it to be tactile and engage my senses.

To say thank you

I would teach them about the 4 pillars of Gross National Happiness, which is Bhutan's governing strategy. It's a simple model we should all apply to our own communities.

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