Hey! I'm an illustrator + animator living in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I make animated videos and animated branded content (logos, gifs!) for businesses to make their story and brand come alive. Lately I've been obsessed with virtual reality and make paintings and animations in there too! I got into animation because for years I was a painter and violinist, and eventually I wanted the two to have a conversation with one another. Boom - animation!

Animation, Drawing, Illustration. I've also studied a lot about perception.

Getting the word out about what I do. I've recently switched gears to start my solo venture, and there's so much to do!

Pay attention to the flicker of feelings in your body when you have a choice to make. One option may be out of fear. Never choose that option. Also, it'll always feel better in the morning.

Gotta be honest, this may be trite, but it's still Barack Obama.

I draw a mean portrait... or maybe synaesthesia.

... I don't think I have one!

all of the songs from 'The Labyrinth'

I would teach them the basics of drawing an accurate portrait of someone.


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