I believe in community-fueled projects, bold ideas that won't stand still and ambitious people that are also dreamy enough to believe they can make their funky plans happen. I have studied PR & advertising for about 5 years and I work in the communication department of a higher education institution. My biggest love is content creation & digital storytelling. I have lived in Romania, Belgium and Rotterdam and for over a year now, I'm a proud cat mom. I always wish I had more time for taking photos, experimenting with new cooking recipes and making mood boards.

Ps & Ai, CMSs, proofreading, content creation, learning new languages, raising pets, moving abroad, cooking (deserts included).

photography pro tips (I got the basics covered), CSS, Dutch grammar [anyone? :)], slacklining

Don't wait for the "right mood" to come.

I don't really believe in role models, there's too much social pressure out there anyway. I think everyone is precious in their own way.

resourcefulness in unexpected moments

urban planner, photographer, anthropologist, pet sitter, house painter

colour, fabric & shape of various things around me (never something that actually matters, of course), keyboard shortcuts.

how to make mind maps