Former #Disney #Creative now operates a full-service #Advertising & #Marketing firm. #StorytellDontSell #SeacoastNH Dad in need of #Coffee & #Wine

Making things that are not interesting into the most fascinating things ever, ever, ever!

Becoming involved with more local organizations and creative circles. I also suck at proof-reading and grammar.

Shut Up and Listen.

My wife, she is courageous, feisty and forgiving. She juggles a million things and somehow retains her million dollar smile. She takes the higher road, and is a positive force on not only me, but everyone around her.

I airport amazingly well. You've not flown the friendly skies until you have strutted through an airport with me.

Leading authorities say I am a leading authority on hillside dagger play. So I guess, that...

Introducing Nsync to a crowd of 35,000 screaming tween and teens. Walking off-stage, walking past "the boys" grabbing a cab and going home to smoke a cigarette and drink several beers.

How to open your eyes under water (any water).