Hi! I'm Cris, from Porto Alegre, but I was brought to São Paulo because of work 10 years ago and never left. I've worked with some of the largest companies in Brazil, as The Coca-Cola Company, always in Marketing (Brands and Trade) and Business Development. Then I decided to work with Descomplica, a startup in the Education field and after a couple of years I decided to join a group of consultants at NoOne. We help companies to solve their problems and transform their business combining different methodologies and creative processes in a co-creative and collaborative way.

Creating and developing a business, working with partners and designing relationships.

Many things! But there is one in special: fixing things at home.

If this is what makes you happy, go for it.

Can't choose one person. There are many amazing influencers in my life, from filmmakers to family&friends, passing through writers, teachers and colleagues.

Superpowers aren't supposed to remain a secret? :)

Traveling consultant or a travel guide.

Special moments, with real deep emotions involved. But don't ask me what I ate this morning.


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