I am a gifted speaker & coach with a passion to help others live authentically. Originally from Liverpool, England, I have my Master's in Engineering from the University of London and have worked with both Corporate and Non Profit companies. I currently work as a trainer and developer in instructional design and curriculum development. Through my journey of discovering the cost of living authentically, I have a passion to see others walk in freedom from cultural conditioning and the wrong conclusions we make as children that become our beliefs about who we are. I bring sensitivity, truth and freedom to my coaching and mentoring of others. I enjoy developing workshops and spaces that change hearts and transform lives.

Software engineering, mentoring, coaching, public speaking, non-profit management, team management, spirituality, LGBT, authenticity, diversity & inclusion.

Marketing myself as a speaker

Be true to yourself - at any cost. Own all of who you are, both the light and the shadow.

Oprah Winfrey. Her ability to overcome her past and be the best version of herself and influence others to do the same.

Listening. I hear the words you don't say.

Music and Office Administration

Numbers and dates.

How to be at peace now. Making peace with the present moment. Once you have made peace with the present moment, see what happens, what you can do or choose to do, or rather what life does through you. The secret of the art of living, is to be "one with life". Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don't live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.

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