LA native. Love of books led to a BA in English. Studied design at UCLA. Became an interior designer, primarily in retail design and as an architectural color consultant. Branched out into jewelry design. Grateful that personal and professional interests intersect!

Making things look good and function well using color, texture, composition.

Marketing, website design, business management.

Breakfast is important. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for others and vice versa. Be kind.

People who are curious, creative, ethical, humble, kind, live in the solution, are mindful of a greater good, willing to say they don't know what they don't know while seeking to find out what that would be.

That I can keep a secret.

I'm doing it now: jewelry design.

Who I love.

I'd ask what interests them. I could share a great lentil soup recipe, how to drive stick shift, transform a room and put together a sophisticated wardrobe on a lean budget.