Open, honest, respectful and enjoying life. Soft inside, I value values and adore people of every creed. I love questioning & debating. Born in UK, I have lived in Germany, France, Finland, Spain and travelled to at least one more country than my age. I've been employed, owned an agency and freelanced, performed in IT, sales, marketing and advertising. Today I write and publish life guides for expats in 8 locations, the latest, Amazing Capitals Valencia, launched in 2018. Going global strategically in 2019, I invite partners to join me in each location and beyond. Would you like to run and earn with Valencia or somewhere else on the globe? Tell me more about yourself!

Expats, international specialists living in foreign locations. Spirituality.

Partners who wish to run the expat guide Amazing Capitals Valencia or Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf and beyond. Sponsor partners.

Visit one more country than your current age.

Ghandi and Mandela for their peaceful perseverance and determination for a good cause. My Dad for too many reasons to mention. The first person on earth who could communicate for what she/he could tell me.

Ability to bring people together.

Cook delicious soups on a street cart.

To smile and/or to tell stories

The power of the universe.

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