Conceptual. Journalistic. Attentive. Agency bred. Award winning. Long form and short. Seventeen years of seasoning. Buffalo girl who lived away. Big heart. Small details. Thinker and doer. Out-of-the-ordinary. Urban homesteader wannabe. Laughs out loud.

Efficient language. Storytelling. Conversational interviewing. Pickling. Growing vegetables.

My 120-year-old house. Accurately valuing my time. Just going for it.

When you work from home full time, always put on pants. You won't take yourself seriously otherwise.

My mom friends who have preserved their sense of self.

Iron Chef: Pantry Challenge. I can make a meal out of anything (works for client-provided copy drafts, too).

Homesteader. Sponsored on social.

An exact inventory, including precise locations, of every food item in my refrigerator, both freezers, and both pantries. Also, the entire grocery list.

How to conduct an interview that feels more like a comfortable conversation.

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