I like to say that was born into the Arts. My mother, Georgia Terry, was an amazing artist with a vibrant Carytown co-op gallery in Richmond, VA called But is it Art? and my father, Tom Terry, a lawyer by trade, is an extraordinary photographer and writer. Growing up in a household that celebrated experimentation and creativity from the start, I became an artist in my own right. I was fortunate to inherit my mother’s love for studio art, building and sewing multimedia sculptures and studying graphic design. And, as my father’s daughter, creative writing became an integral part of my daily routine since the age of six.

After graduating from William and Mary and despite my childhood, I, the self-identified artiste, found myself accidentally working in finance for seven years. Disheartened and seeking a respite from work that was stealing my soul, I took a year off for post-graduate study of Ethnography & Folklore at the University College Cork, Ireland. There, I learned the value of slow-living, walking amongst the sheep on the rolling hills, and started to think it was time for a major change. In 2010, I decided to leave Richmond for Charlottesville with the expressed goal of working for the University of Virginia in the Arts. A few months and two interviews later, I was hired as the Staff Assistant to the Vice Provost of the Arts in the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost.

The past seven years spent working at a world-class University have been incredibly fulfilling. When I was younger, I would plot how to become a lifelong professional student, and now, tasked with collaborating with progressive thinkers and creators to facilitate open forums for discourse, exhibition, and performance, working at UVA Arts gets me pretty close to that dream and with a salary instead of tuition! I am now the Programs & Communication Manager for UVA Arts & Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for the Arts.
Arts & Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for the Arts.