I'm a music theorist -feel free to Google that- and a teacher of music literacy courses. If you're thinking of coming to my May 2018 talk about commitment or watching the video at a later date, here's what you can expect: This talk is a series of vignettes, each vignette dedicated to a different type of obstacle an artist may face when entering into an artistic commitment. I’m willing to bet that, due to some obstacle, many artistic commitments do not end exactly as they were envisioned. Through it all, self-evolution is crucial to the survival of commitment, not just artistic ones. (Given the time constraint, I will not pretend the talk is comprehensive, but it is timely and not just for the benefit of artists.)

I'll go with music.

Enjoying winter in Buffalo.

I can't isolate one thing, but I've had the benefit of learning great life lessons by watching others' fine examples.

I admire many, particularly the forward thinking. I grew up around several strong women and men who weren't threatened by or afraid of strong women. I've also had several educational figures who really helped me see a bigger world.

Not having one?...

I knew I forgot to do something.

What is memory without effort?

Music is not math.