Creative Director at Periscope, Interactive Junkie, Design Enthusiast, Rockstar Wannabe, Tribute Poser, Dad, formerly know to many as Hutch. As a hybrid creative working in Minneapolis I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by talented, inspired collaborators and friends. My time is spent as a Creative Director, Musician, Volunteer Board Advisor, Mentor and of course hanging with my family. List awards and accomplishments… list brands and then name drop… OR NOT. I am a humble loud mouth who simply believes in loving what you do.

I would never claim to know a lot about one thing because there is always more to learn or a new perspective to consider and I desire to keep learning.

Finding more time for music.

Not that door.

I admire people that define their own destiny and take risk.

Pizza delivery!

How to play d major first position.

That they should seek multiple perspectives to gain insight and never stop seeking.