Hi! By day I’m an award-winning Product and Service designer working to simplify complex systems. With a background in both startups and agency design, I work as a Principal Design Consultant helping purpose-led brands find market fit and build products that better connect people and technology. I’m at my best when working in multidisciplinary teams and I am passionate about bringing design strategy to the top table. I also enjoy speaking and writing about my field with the ultimate aim of encouraging diversity in Tech & Design.

By night (and absurdly early mornings), I am the host and founder of CreativeMornings/Edinburgh.These volunteer-led events consistently sell out in under 48h and between 70 - 80 fresh-faced attendees show up at the crack of dawn to take part. See you there?

baking, wine-tasting, back country skiing and Edinburgh.

putting on an exhibition on a budget

Mike Monteiro - Design is a Job

People doing what they love and not conforming to any ladders. I hate ladders - bad luck apparently too.

Enthusiasm cape - fits most situations


My childhood best friends' now redundant home phone numbers

To build a fire and roast bananas in chocolate