Ralph Henderson Owner of OmniChannel Productions www.omnichannelproductions.com rhenderson@omnichannelproductions.com 704-937-1370 ★Host of Supply Chain Today TV Talk Show ★Professional Emcee and Moderator ★Producer of Supply Chain Executive Forums and Summits ★Supply Chain Tradeshow and Conference Strategist An innovative, dynamic, and accomplished production event Supply Chain executive with 29 years of diverse industry experience, Ralph is known for delivering excitement and value, driving brand integrity, and accelerating revenue growth for logistics and supply chain organizations. Ralph’s passion is bringing products, services, and events to life with exceptional results in event production and management, public speaking, strategic relationship building, sales, marketing, and new business development. What sets him apart is my unconventional approach to data analysis, targeting products, services, and brand messaging to the right audience at the right time through multiple channels. Ralph is also a Board Member of a Non-Profit, www.ClimbsRoast.org, that donates 100% of their profits to eliminating human trafficking.


Professional presentations and productions. I work with talent from all walks at Speaking and Presenting as well as companies who want them. I put together programming that is relevant and applicable to my clients.

Articulating my message to a specific audience on why they would want to engage with me and the benefits they would receive as well as their prospects and clients.

You are the average of the 5 people you hang around and there is nothing you can do about it.

My Dad because he came from nothing and left with nothing but was one of the richest people I know. He always knew it was the intangibles that are what make a person; love, tenacity, forgiveness, hard work, honesty, integrity.

Encouragement of others. Helping people see the greatness in themselves and doing something with that.

Bodyguard / security for people in the entertainment and sports industries.

Numbers mostly, e.g., dates / addresses / telephone. Not always and not for long but enough that it has helped me many times. I'm getting much better with names also.

How to do an effective presentation. I would focus on the key elements and help them to understand how to make it provocative and fun.

Baby laughing and falling over.

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