By day, I’m UX/Emerging Tech Director at Intentional Futures. By night, I make—mostly break—things. In between, I take photos and inhale pop culture. Occasionally, I mumble in other languages.

user interfaces, data visualization and language learning.

being bold. I often waste time looking for and tweaking existing paths through life while I could be blazing them. Lately, this quote challenges and encourages me—""All dream; but not equally. Those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds awake to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of day are dangerous, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."

"Think about life as a band. Who do you want/need to complement your sound?" This has been a great reminder for me in navigating (mostly career) decisions to think about what types of people I want to "play" with and in what types of environment.

My parents. It's a pat answer but I don't care. It's my answer. As I get older and I learn more about their stories—the challenges and the triumphs, I grow a deeper appreciation and awe for them. (In close second is "Tommy Lee" from "Best of the Best". 😅)

Salsa dancing. I guess it's not a secret anymore. Trick question. 🤔

Possibly a COO—a chief organizing officer. I can organize anything. I love finding the underlying structure in messy situations.✌🏽

Las Vegas, July 14th, 1998. Junior Olympics. Taekwondo, Gold Medal Match. I trained for you a year for this moment. On top of that, it was my birthday. Sadly, I lost my match and Rick Bobby reminds me that "you're either first or you're last". Fortunately, nothings soothes the sting of teenage disappointment like a short stack of pancakes at IHOP. 🥞 This is my favorite 1:1 moment with my dad that I'll remember forever.

How to solve problems visually.