EMMY winning composer and sound designer for film, TV, radio and new media. Owner of Hot Sakē, General Manager at Groundcrew Studios. Husband. Father. Singer-Songwriter. Falconer, motorcycle enthusiast, Jeep Life, adventurer. One Energy.

Scoring music for film, commercial music, custom sound design and foley. Jingles, audio mix and post production. Singing, songwriting, guitar, drums etc. Oh, and falconry.

Finding collaborations that matter.

10% Dream... 90% Do.

My two sons. Smarter, more talented and better looking.

Knowing what truly matters.

Living in the wild.

Not much.

To find joy in the process. To love with everything you have. To admire the brilliance and beauty in others. To remember that this moment might be it. To find time to be overwhelmed by nature. Breathe.

What's an animated gif? ;)

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