I rejoice in innovative disruptions to the norm. A recovering newspaper journalist turned communications strategist, I thrive on telling an authentic story through strategy, design, and panache. I relish in helping clients find their genuine voice and leveraging that into positive change and impact for their organization or business. I wholly believe in the power of digital strategy and what quality content can achieve. I have a knack for non profit communications especially environmental organizations, strategic communications planning, social marketing, content development, storytelling, video and web production and making words matter. My approach to marketing and communications relies on personal relationships and crafting a customized approach to every aspect of a client's project. I've got salt in my veins having grown up on Cape Cod and living aboard my 43-foot ketch Zephyr full-time for 4 years in Kittery. I can be found most weekends chasing live music in my beloved 1975 Volkswagen bus, OJ.

The environment and communications - the interface between people and their places. How to use communications, marketing and powerful storytelling to help people understand and act for change. Oh and I'm a huge fan of the City of New Orleans having lived there during my undergrad years. I know a lot about the music, food, & culture and LOVE to give tips for anyone traveling there.

Any awesome skill sets like web design, developers, media market experts, that can help in the important work of social impact communications.

Socks first, then shoes :)

My mom - from an orphan at 12 in downtown Boston to president of her own company at 38 and founder of the Freedom Trail in Boston. Plus an incredible spirit, mom, fighter, cancer survivor and friend. Model of strength, resilience and unbridled energy.

Unabashedly positive view on the world and life.

Tropical beach bar bartender - a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

Any Jimmy Buffett song lyrics.

How to be positive.

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