Juliana Forero finished a bachelor’s degree in visual media and graphic design in Bogota, Colombia. After working in one of the biggest advertising companies in Bogota, she decided to move to Vancouver, BC in 2007. She worked for a variety of clients in the design industry before moving to the UK to pursue a master degree in International Graphic Design Practice at Huddersfield University. Subsequently, Juliana worked for a variety of clients including the local government as a communication designer. Her experience in the public and private sector is extensive; she’s worked in B2B and B2C environments liaising with clients, directing design teams and also participating in the development of online marketing strategies. She returned to Vancouver in 2015 to pursue her second master degree at Emily Carr University. Her current research explores the idea of using a knowledge object to understand and manage the knowledge that travels among and between communities of practice. She specializes in understanding and visualizing knowledge.

Myself and my role in the world.

Lots of little things.. like cleaning the house, make dinner :)

If you want to succeed you're going to have to help others to grow, to be constantly adding value to people. Be a Go Giver !

My parents, for never stop trying and always have the desire to do things better.

My smile :)


The beauty Bogota city

To be sincere and to live a purposeful life.


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