I've been doing standup comedy for a living for over 20 years, first in Canada, then based in LA and now in Tel Aviv. For 15 years I've been a Reiki master, teaching all levels of Reiki and giving Reiki treatments. Either way I'm all about easing your load and making things better for you any way I can. Reiki Tel Aviv is always open and I perform most nights somewhere in this great country.

I know a lot about writing jokes and getting laughs. Been doing it over 20 years in 3 languages

anything girly - I have no idea

I don't think I've accomplished anything unless I'm doing nothing

Mohammed Ali - self explanatory

I can finding parking spots anywhere in the world even New York and San Francisco

Never have a backup plan or you won't succeed at what you want

To include lots of pleasure in every day

Reiki - There's no gift better than that

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