I'm katsola, I create kawaii, naughty creatures, tough girls, murals, illustration, art & design. I get paid to make mischief!

Watercolor, Vector Illustration, What makes something Kawaii and Yami Kawaii!

Being less shy, being bolder and having more self-confidence.

Lauren Hom, Jessica Hische, Junko Mizuno, Paula Scher, Fafi, Miss Van, N.E.W.S. and Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) from Herakut! As a female artist and illustrator I have always admired the work of other female artists and illustrators. I appreciate their perseverance and vision.

Making wee little hearts look sweet and not overdone on even the naughtiest and mischievous creatures.

children's book writer and illustrator

Faces of people; but not names of people.

How to draw a Birdie Bat.