Born and raised in Albuquerque! I wanted to travel across the pond since I was small and tired of the desert. After traveling to India, South Africa and France, I can honestly say I love New Mexico. The Cannes Film Festival, as an intern for the Documentarian Team and a featured filmmaker in the Court Metrage, put stars in my eyes. As a result, coming back from these ventures lead me to Co-Own a small production company in Albuquerque, New Mexico that focuses on telling stories in the form of photography, videography, and design.

Tying shoes. I know how to make people comfortable in a production environment. My unofficial/official title (depending on the project) is a producer slash mediator. My belief is that successful projects are made in the madness and it is my job to make that madness as calm and as productive as possible.

Website development, professional networking and learning new jokes.

Jump off the bridge. If you want to do something, if you want to create, you have to go for it one hundred percent. "Don't take any prisoners"- Jeremy Kinter.

My mother. She was a woman completely driven by helping others pursue their passions. She was true, she was unyielding in her efforts, and she taught me that dreams can be realities.

I am an outstanding wine pourer.

I don't have one.

Everyday, no matter what, I look at the clock at 11:23.

Muscle testing. It's incredible! You challenge someone to firmly touch their middle finger to their thumb on their dominate hand. You say, "Hold this tightly and do not let me break the fingers apart." Usually, people can keep their fingers together. However, when you tell them to take their opposite hand to their head and face it palm up, the fingers are magically broken. Magic.

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