My name is Kirstin Marie, I'm a freelance designer and in the process of starting a branding & design business. I've been designing for 7+ years and have done everything from sketching and art, to media and producition, to branding and design.

Graphics Design and illustration. Drawing and painting. Photography and editing... The list continues!

Google It. Learn to learn! Then you can learn to do anything and fix anything.

Artists and designers who have made a name for themselves. Jessica Hische, Stefan Kunz, Aaron Draplin, to name a few.

I've had so many hobbies in the past that I have a wide range of random knowledge that comes in handy for each project!

Given my hobbies and past work experience probably any of these: Photography, Illustration & Hand Lettering, Marketing & Advertising, Production & Event Planning.

Photoshop and Illustrator shortcuts!

Probably something coffee related. I don't have one in particular.

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