I create opportunities for people to connect to their inherent wisdom, confidence and compassion by designing and facilitating mindfulness based programs that are engaging, insightful and well, fun! I am a certified mindfulness teacher, transformational workshop leader, coach and owner of Korabek Training.

mindfulness, theatre, workshop design and facilitation


Do your own work. If you're successful, you'll be busy for 30 years. If you're not successful, you'll be busy for 30 years.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He always seems so cheerful, despite or because of his ability to see human suffering.

Listening. I always encourage casual conversation to begin my meditation classes so that I can hear what's on peoples' minds and attend to it.

There's no backup plan. I stepped off the cliff of a secure office job several years ago and can only go forward. Unless someone offered me an opportunity to direct in the theatre again!

That resistance is futile. That being with things the way they are now, fully in the present moment is the way forward.

How to transform self-improvement into self-acceptance. Don't wait until you have the perfect job, dress size, relationship or home. What's good about about right now? Grow that.

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