Kyle is a community designer with a decade of hands-on experience and expertise in the fields of distributed networks, grassroots organizing, civic engagement and creative exploration. His work in these fields has been amplified by a national student network of 10,000 international development advocates at Engineers Without Borders Canada while serving as their first Creative Director (2007 - 2012), a city-wide volunteer community of 150+ grassroots park community groups in Toronto as Park People’s Communications, Events & Community Manager (2012 - 2016), and over 200 chapters of the global creative speaker series CreativeMornings, where he has served as Chief Operating Officer and now Chief Community Officer (2016 - present).

As a host and facilitator of 1000+ events that have welcomed over 500,000 people, Kyle is fascinated by the connections people make with each other and the opportunity that forms around each of those connections.

Kyle was born in Toronto and is currently based in Brooklyn. On weekends you can find him traversing Brooklyn's parks and wild spaces with his dog Ginger.

Make yourself heard with a humbleness that keeps you quiet

Vandana Shiva, for opposing unfathomable power articulately and passionately.


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