To me, everything that can broaden my understanding in how the world functions, is interesting in some way. Even so, I’m extra passionate about creative writing, learning from others and invest in my bank of experiences. If you were to ask any of my friends about me, they would probably say that I am always on the run, good fun and slightly stubborn. Since I stared to study journalism I have also developed I minor obsession with news and politics, which I find endlessly fascinating (and at times endlessly afflicting).

Creative writing, traveling by yourself, procrastination and floor ball.

Maths and folding clothes.

If you're aiming for greatness – make sure you're always the dumbest person in the room.

James Baldwin for his brilliant writing or Alexandra Pascalidou for her journalistic work.

I'm always (read: a-l-w-a-y-s) out in the very last second, but I always (read: 99/100) make it on time.

If I do not make it as an author (which is my long-term goal after I've done journalism for a while), I'm going to study Spanish and open up a hostel somewhere in South America and work extra as a social science teacher.

When I last ate and all my friends' birthdays.

I'd try to teach her/him that it doesn't take a crazy person to travel the world alone. Or how to form random figures out of candle-grease with your tongue.

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