College degree in Economic Sciences UNICAMP, MBA from FGV. After that, a Lifelong Learning in several issues like Futurism, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Transformation. Currently speaker and expert mentor in the Future of Professions and Digital Transformation, as well as a position in the Finance Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. Partnership Investor in business in areas like food, education, construction, health and esthetics. Co-founder of initiatives in my city, Ribeirão Preto, such as “Social Observatory”, “World Creativity Day ” and “SingularityU Chapter” and “Regional Digital Coalition”. Starting: "FUTURON” and “INSPIRAM.ME". I believe that it is necessary to reconcile the most advanced technologies with the most intrinsic human skills for a better future.


organize and set priorities.

make it happen

My wife.

read people and their minds

Content creator and mentoring in professional future.


make a drink with vodka

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