Passionate photographer and artist from the French soil, aiming to support people using my creative skills and spread love and happiness in a world that needs these more than ever.

Frustration, and how to get it out.

My self-confidence, sometimes I need it to be stronger.

Never back down or lose respect whatever the issue might be. There will also be a solution and people beside you.

All people that had the hardest time of their lives and never backed down, always pushing themselves to make things better.

My own dedication.

Art Modelling and Extra Acting

How much my life is (getting) better doing I love than following whoever tells you what "you should stick with".

How to create new connections when you are starting up in a new environment like Edinburgh. Telling the importance of networking and hilighting all networking opportunities available in Edinburgh.

Monigatari Series with "Rollin" song of Limp Bizkit