Hi! I was born in Caracas (Venezuela), grew up between Derby (UK), Malaga (Spain), Fes and Tanger (Morocco), and I've been in Bogota (Colombia) since 2002 (I think!). I'm an open-minded artist that floats between music composition and interpretation, DJ-ing, photography and creating functional little gadgets for decoration, all self-taught, and with a few courses on the side.. I like to meet people, move around, learn and practice random new things, and I love to travel!

Training, teaching, coaching, being single, being gay, being a pastor's kid, being a missionary kid, travelling, camping, cooking, among other topics..

..finding a fun, stable job!

I heal and the world heals.

My current roomie! She finds a way to disagree with almost everything and defend her opinion every time! I love her!

I can generally read people through photographs.. Spooky, huh!

Umm..well, don't even have a main career, but, I'd say photography!

The view from Santa Isabel, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain.

How to live a better life.