My work bio says I'm "clever, sassy, and the team’s resident genius" and "Melissa’s turns our clients’ vision into real-life marketing tools, eye-popping social media, and fun-and-functional websites." I'm also an accidental dance mom, wannabe runner/yogi, and hopefully creative person who is just trying to figure it all out. (All over again.)

WordPress. Social media. Ballet hair. And getting stuff done.

InDesign. Why are you so counterintuitive and weird?

My mini-me (who is bigger than me) - she's the strongest person I know and a general badass. Excellent at eye makeup, she can carry off a heavy bang like no one else.

My eyebrows... but is that really a secret to anyone with eyes?

Dates - I can figure out when I did just about anything.

Upping their Instagram game.

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