Humans are highly creative beings, and everyone comes from somewhere. Geography, culture, history, family, and nature all have their roles in our early origins as individuals, but it is often challenging to locate where our individual sense of creativity comes from and how to access it. What are the roots of our individual creativity, how do we care for them, and where on this earth do they possibly fit in?

As a media producer, filmmaker and visual artist who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and then transplanted to Omaha, NE, Miguel Cedillo identifies the roots of his personal creativity in his early origins and beyond through some of our categorically shared human experiences, such as relationships, memories, literacy, education, arts and technologies. As we explore our personal roots, we affirm that every person is creative, with a complex, growing system of experiences under the surface that provide a constantly increasing potential for personal, professional, and creative growth.

About the Speaker

As a native of San Antonio, TX with some creative background in music, photography and writing, and a love of nature and history, Miguel Cedillo began to spread roots in Omaha as Multimedia Editor of “The Creightonian”. Miguel earned a BA in Anthropology from Creighton University in 2009, focused on culture, globalization and visual communications. While acclimating to the Midwest, Cedillo began freelance photography and video productions with peers and local organizations, also venturing throughout the U.S. to gain experience with diverse businesses and creative mediums. In 2013, Miguel co-founded Omaha-based Make Believe New Media, a marketing consultation and multimedia production company.

As a media producer, filmmaker and visual artist, Cedillo creates campaigns and creative works for diverse clientele, advertising agencies and production companies. Recent cinematic works by Miguel and the MBNM team have been seen on global networks like Starz, HBO, BT Sport and ESPN. Cedillo’s fine arts collaborations with residents of Omaha’s Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts have exhibited in some of the world’s top galleries and museums, including the Institute for Contemporary Art, London, and Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Chile.

Miguel lives in Omaha with his wife, Laura, and their dog, Maggie. They love reading and good music, cooking Mexican and Dominican food, and spending time in nature without digital things.

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