I'm a genetically-predisposed copywriter and the owner of Matt Olin Creative, a company specializing in copywriting and brand creation. As an identical twin, I've been practicing the art of differentiation since the womb. I also maintain a secret life as a theatre producer, helping people on Broadway and beyond turn their stories and ideas into powerful works of art. My approach to copywriting and branding draws upon these two areas of expertise – Storytelling & Differentiation – to help entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and existing companies craft their own irreplaceable stories and harness their emotional power to attract a loyal following.

Words. Connecting people. Theatre. Taking an idea and making it a reality. Crafting stories that move people. Diplomacy. And thanks to my daughter, Disney princesses.

Owning my value. Having faith. Watering the plants at our house.

I was having a hard time, struggling in a 9-5 job that was making me unhappy, and regretting some personal and career decisions from years ago. I hired a life coach, and she introduced me to the concept of viewing my life as a party. Invite the people I want there. Bounce the folks I don't. Play the music I love. And it really gets real once the cops show up.

Paul McCartney. His passion keeps him immortal.

Social Intelligence. And a keen eye for creative talent.

Staff producer at an awesome professional theater, or staff copywriter at a badass, socially-conscious company.

The neighborhood haunted houses I used to create with my brother and my friends every Halloween.

A Bruce Hornsby piano riff.