Hi. My name is James Buchanan and I am a writer and ghostwriter living in Exeter, NH. I've written or contributed to about 25 books with Nobel laureates, business and technology leaders, and those with incredible stories of courage and personal growth. I've published with McGraw Hill, MIT Press, C&R Press, and many others. In my own writing, I lean toward short stories, but have a narrative nonfiction manuscript I'm marketing. I also write essays and one was also included in NPR's This I Believe: On Fatherhood and others have been published by MSNBC, Elephant Journal, AOL.com, and others. My website is www.orchardwriting.com.

Making snow, writing, and trying to be a nice person and good parent (not always successful at either, but I do my best).

I would love to connect either with a literary agent or someone who can help create a pipeline of new ghostwriting clients. I am great at the writing piece and talking with potential clients, but not so good at negotiating. This person would get 20 percent of what they bring in.

Luck is the intersection of preparedness and opportunity. And, write just one true sentence, then another...

My mom. Sounds dweebish, I know, but she really is the kindest, smartest, most patient person I know.

Patience and an ability to get hit very hard in the metaphorical gut, brush myself off, and keep moving forward.

Cooking or snowmaking or something with the Forest Service.


How to understand theory of the mind as a way to understand autistic children and writing dialogue.

Who has time?

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